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Wines at Baltimore Bend Vineyard

At Baltimore Bend Vineyard we create a number of different wines from our six GRAPE varieties to satisfy a wide range of wine-drinking palates. Below is a listing and brief tasting notes on the wines we currently offer. Tasting room pricing is also listed by bottle and case. Pricing effective March 1, 2015

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Baltimore Bend Vineyard Norton Reserve Wine 2013 Norton Reserve2013 Norton Reserve Released April 22, 2017. Aged in French oak, this full bodied red is made from Norton grapes that hung on the vine longer producing lower acids and higher sugars. Norton is the same grape as Cynthiana.Price: $20 Bottle; $240 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Norton Wine 2013 Norton 2013 Norton Released April 22, 2017. This dry red wine is full bodied and aged in American oak barrels. It offers consumers dark fruit flavors with some spicy notes. 
Price: $18 Bottle; $216 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Chambourcin Wine 2013 Chambourcin (sham-bore-san) – Chambourcin, Released July 2017. This medium bodied dry red is made from the French Hybrid grape, Chambourcin. It has been aged in both American barrels.
Price: $18 Bottle; $216 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Cabernet Franc Wine 2013 Cabernet Franc (cab-er-nay-fronk) – Released December 2017. This is a light bodied dry red made from Missouri-grown Cabernet Franc grapes. Oak aged wine.
Price: $18 Bottle; $216 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Chardonel Wine 2016 Chardonel (shar-don-el) 2016 Chardonel released December 2017. New vintage, 2016, is barrel fermented, sur lees style wine. Dry white. Aged on French oak for 8 months. Price: $18 Bottle; $216 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Mo Gold Wine Mo Gold – This off dry white is made with Missouri-grown Chardonel grapes. Stainless steel aged, it is a light fruity style of a dry white wine. Awards: 2013 Missouri Wine Competition Bronze medal.
Price: $14 Bottle; $168 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard C2 Wine C2 (See-squared) –  This is a medium bodied, dry red blend of Cynthiana and Chambourcin. Black cherry, vanilla and earthy flavors. Fruit forward wine aged in stainless steel. Awards: 2013 Jefferson Cup.Price: $14 Bottle; $168 Case
2016 Vignoles (veen-yole) –  2016 Vignoles. This white French hybrid grape offers tropical fruit aromas and flavors. This is made in an semi-sweet style. Price: $14 Bottle; $168 Case
 Baltimore Bend Vineyard Encore Wine Encore (on-core) – This semi-dry red is blended with Cynthiana, Chambourcin, Concord and Chardonel. Lots of fruit and berry flavors.
Price: $14 Bottle; $168 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Trey Blanc Wine Trey Blanc (tra-blonc) – Semi-dry white, blend of Seyval, Vignoles and Chardonel wines. Wonderfully refreshing. Awards: 2007 International Eastern Wine Competition – Bronze.
Price: $14 Bottle; $168 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Last Minute Wine Last Minute – Semi-sweet, dynamic red with a lingering finish. Awards: 2009 Missouri State Wine Competition, Gold medal. 2010 Finger Lakes Wine Competition, Silver medal. 2013 Medal of Excellence in the Jefferson Cup Competition.
Price: $12 Bottle; $144 Case
 Baltimore Bend Vineyard Cirrus Wine Cirrus (sear-us) – Semi-sweet white, crisp, citrus flavors, fruity.
Price: $12 Bottle; $144 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Snagged Wine Snagged –  This is a Vignoles-Seyval blend, made in a semi-sweet style.
Price: $12 Bottle; $144 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Jolivin Wine Joli Vin (jolee-vah) –  Joli Vin is our featured wine in October because of its pink hue. A portion of all Joli Vin sales in October will be donated to the Lafayette County Cancer Coalition. French for beautiful wine – Blush wine, great for picnics. Perfect chilled.
Price: $12 Bottle; $144 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Sweet Beginnings Wine Sweet BeginningsSweet Beginnings is back on the shelf as of Jan. 25, 2018. Sweet white, hints of apple. Great served cold. Awards: 2011 Missouri State Wine Competition – Silver.
Price: $10 Bottle; $120 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Arrowhead Red Wine Arrowhead Red – Concord wine. Sweet red, jammy and yummy as a dessert wine. Awards: 2011 Missouri State Wine Competition – Gold; 2012 International Eastern Wine Competition, Silver medal. 2013 Jefferson Cup & 2014 Jefferson Cup.
Price: $10 Bottle; $120 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Jubilee Wine JubileeTemporarily SOLD OUT. 2016 Vintage released April 22, 2017.This sweet crisp apple wine is made from apples in the Waverly area, pressed at Sibley Orchard, and fermented and bottled at Baltimore Bend Vineyard. Recently this wine got a new label update. Will post new label soon.
Price: $10 Bottle; $120 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Just Peachy Wine Just Peachy –  Temporarily sold out. This popular sweet peach wine is back on the shelves. Come try a bit of this delicious, dessert wine.
Price: $10 Bottle; $120 Case
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Port of Waverly Wine Port of Waverly – New vintage available now! Released December 2017. Port-style wine made from the Norton grape variety. Named after the historic site in Waverly at the Missouri River.
Price: $12 Bottle; $144 Case

Our Grapes

Baltimore Bend Vineyard Chambourcin Grapes Chambourcin (Sham-bor-san) – is a French-hybrid grape (Joannes-Seyve 262050) well adapted to growing in Missouri. Chambourcin typically produces a medium-bodied wine that boasts a mild spice aroma and flavor mingled with cherry and earth tones.
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Chardonel Grapes Chardonel (Shar-doe-nel) – crosses the best of the Chardonnay and Seyval Grape providing the characteristics of the viniferia with the hardiness needed to survive in Missouri. This grape provides the wine maker the opportunity to develop a variety of wines from a rich, full-bodied, dry white wine with a complex buttery finish to a light, sweet wine with a fruity finish.
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Cynthiana Grapes Norton/Cynthiana (Sin-thee-ana) – is an American grape (vitus aestivalis) that grows well in the complex and frequently changing weather of Missouri. Recently named the “State Grape of Missouri”, it offers the wine maker an opportunity to produce a full-bodied, deep colored wine that carries complex earth tones along with rich berry and spice flavors.
 Baltimore Bend Vineyard Seyval Blanc Grapes Seyval Blanc – A French-American hybrid grape that makes a dry to semi-dry, clean, crisp medium-bodied wine with an herbal, fresh flavor. The barrel fermented Seyval takes on an oak complexity indicative of Chardonel. Baltimore Bend Vineyard currently has about an acre of Seyval Blanc.
Baltimore Bend Vineyard Vignoles Grapes Vignoles (veen-yole) – One of Missouri’s most versatile white grapes, Vignoles produces wines with luscious floral aroma and fruity flavors of pineapple and apricot. Baltimore Bend Vineyard planted ½ acre in 2006 and another ½ acre in 2010. We have completed our third harvest of this grape and are currently selling the 2010 vintage.
 Baltimore Bend Vineyard Valvin Muscat Grapes Valvin Muscat – Added to the vineyard in 2012, the Valvin Muscat grape variety was created by Cornell University and is said to create wines with spicy, floral aromas and flavors. This block of vineyard is still quite young, and a harvest is not expected on this variety until 2014.

January 2 thru March 31
Wednesday thru Saturday 11am – 6pm
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April 1 thru December 31
Monday thru Saturday 11am – 6pm
Sunday 1pm – 6pm

We are closed on the following
holidays: New Year’s Day,
Easter, Thanksgiving Day, and
Christmas Day.

Tasting Room Phone: (660) 493-0258
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